Owners of Old Tree

Our Story

Hello, my name is Brian and I am the creator of "Old Tree". 

I moved from the warm waters of South Florida to the cold mountains of North Idaho when I was just ten years old. From sandals and shorts to flannel and jeans, I adapted well. I found my passion for creating with my hands at a young age. It was Idaho’s long cold winters that locked me indoors with nothing to do but play with my dads tools and learning my way around the shop. After my education and a few employments, I quickly learned that I wanted to start my own business. I knew it had to be focused around working with my hands and using my creativity. In 2013, Old Tree was born. My first product was a wooden, rocking style, pizza cutter. You can still find these cool little kitchen gadgets for sale on our “Store” page. My wife and I teamed up, selling them at local markets, which then led to the online world of Etsy and this website you are exploring now. Naturally, our product line grew and transformed into our current line of work, furniture! This is something I had been wanting to pursue for a very long time. Today, our product line offers three different styles of barstools, and we also design and build custom furniture of all kinds. We mostly work with two mediums, wood and metal, however we are always trying new ideas and exploring new mediums. Although, we love to build, designing is our new found passion.