Welcome to Old Tree!

We are a small business based out of Sandpoint, ID, specializing in handcrafted furniture, kitchenware, and custom products. 

Our Story

Hello, my name is Brian and I am the creator of "Old Tree". 

I moved from South Florida to Sandpoint Idaho when I was just ten years old. From flip flops and shorts to flannel and jeans, I adapted well. But a more significant adaptation was discovering my love for woodworking. I blame Idaho’s long winters for locking me indoors with nothing to do but play with my dads shop tools.  Around age 10, I began cutting out shapes of animals on the bandsaw, but it wasn't until I was just 13 years old, when I created my first piece of furniture. It was a front porch chair made entirely from alder branches, held together with a ridiculous amount of oversized lag bolts. Entering the teen world and high school, I quickly lost sight of my underlying passion for creating with my hands. After graduating high school, I headed south to pursue the college life. Four years later, graduating with a bachelors degree in Forest Products, I was one of the unfortunate ones to enter the "world of employment" just at the beginning of our recent economic depression. However, that interesting turn of events forced me to become creative with my potential career ideas. My love for working with my hands soon came crashing back into my life. I knew I wanted to work with wood, so I created my first product, a wooden, rocking, pizza cutter.  I took my product to the local markets and stores and now, thanks to the internet, they are available to the world. However, pizza cutters were just an introduction to my woodworking career. Furniture has been a real interest of mine for some time, and now I am glad to claim "Old Tree" as a handmade home, furniture, and kitchen store. From wooden pizza cutters, to steel & walnut bar stools, we now supply a range of products for your home.